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Made just for you.

After designing and constructing furniture for family and friends, we decided to sell our one-of-a-kind furniture pieces online.  Since 2014, Penn Rustics has been hand crafting each and every piece we make and sell.  Our company features hand-built furniture, home goods and business supplies that are made from solid wood.  You won't find veneers or laminates in our products.  All of our products are designed and hand crafted in our shop located just outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  Everything starts as raw lumber and is milled and finished according to your order.  We make everything from scratch. You choose the size, style, and finish. We are able to create pieces that reflect your personality and style.
This means that each piece is made especially for you!  


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Natural wood tells a story.  You can’t hide it’s history or the places it’s been.  So at Penn Rustics, we’ve made it our business to help tell that story. The whole story. And that, in turn, is how we tell ours. Like many great American brands, we began in a garage with not much more than a leap of faith — and our love of simple and affordable quality solid wood goods. Our passion for clean lines and smart design is how we transform raw and rough solid wood into all of the pieces we offer.  It’s what inspires everything we do, every day.  But our story doesn’t end there.  After all, if your hand-crafted goods end up travelling the globe to homes and businesses of your clients, it’s no longer just your story. It’s a family’s story.  It’s a story about making memories around something that has been hand crafted on purpose for that purpose.  It’s also a story about how those families and people all around the country and world are helping to change the story that started in a little shop just outside of Pittsburgh.   

Here, with each cut and everything we create, in the conversations we have and the discussions we lead, we’re refining the grit of a great city into the ideas that are redefining what it means to be an even greater community. So whether you’re sipping from your favorite mug at home around one of our tables or sharing in a celebration that uses one of our cake stands, know you’re part of our story. Because at Penn Rustics, it’s not just a piece of wood:  It’s about the journey of that hand-crafted piece to your home or business…And where it will go from there.   


established in 2014

We never intended to be a business owners.  Paul is actually a full-time electrical designer that has loved building furniture since he was in middle school.  He credits the Lord, his middle school shop teacher and men in his church for leading and teaching him how to make things out of wood.  Hope is a stay-at-home mom. We live just outside of Pittsburgh with our 4 children, sweet black lab & mischievous tomcat.  A few years ago, work reduced Paul's hours and with a full-house to support we started selling cake stands and farmhouse tables on craigslist. We now ship globally and are humbly featured in many homes, businesses, various magazines and online publications.  We don’t have a fancy shop or high end equipment. We just love to make things out of solid wood. 

We look forward to making something special just for you! 

Paul and Hope